History of Charleston Wilbert

The Arnold family migrated from Germany to Winnipeg, Canada where they manufactured tombstones and architectural cut stone. They then migrated to the United States and started Arnold Stone Brick and Tile Company of Jacksonville, Florida and then to Greensboro, North Carolina where they established the Arnold Stone Company in 1932. Arnold Wilbert Corporation is the successor to Arnold Vault Company in eastern North Carolina. It became a separate corporation in 1947. Arnold Vault Company was the 17th licensee of Wilbert W. Haase Company, Wilbert, Inc.
  • Arnold Wilbert’s main offices and manufacturing facility are located in Goldsboro, NC with a warehouse and service operations in Wilmington, NC. The offices in Goldsboro were built in the early 70s and the crematory was added in 1990. In 1996, we added 2500 sq. ft. dedicated to the education and training of our Funeral Professionals. Shortly after, we increased our production facility by 5000 sq. ft. All told, there are 65 employees in the Carolinas operations plus management. With its’ many facets of operation, Arnold Wilbert is a leading burial vault, cremation urn product, and burial and cremation services supplier in Eastern North Carolina.

    In 2003, Arnold Wilbert purchased Charleston Wilbert (which has 10 employees) in Summerville, SC, and in 2008 we added an onsite crematory. In 2012 we added metal and wood caskets to our product offerings.

    Wilbert Inc.’s roots go back to the 1880’s with the L.G. Haase Manufacturing Company, which produced concrete products including cemetery markers. It sold its first concrete burial vault in the Chicago area in 1913. In 1928 experimental work began on an asphalt lined burial vault. In 1929 the firm of Wilbert W. Haase Co. was established for the purpose of manufacturing patented asphalt lined burial vaults under the WILBERT trademark. Exclusive territories were sold under license agreements with the Haase Company. The licensees collectively purchased all Mr. Haase’s interest in his company in the middle 1940’s and changed the name of the company to Wilbert, Inc. in the mid 1960’s. There are currently over 200 Wilbert Licensees with over 300 outlets in North America.

    Wilbert Corporation Vision
    To be the leader in our industry in both innovation and performance
    To bring Value to our customers, through dedicated employees, quality products and service

    Wilbert Corporation Mission
    To provide the highest quality products and services to our customers
    To invest in our employees through education and training, enabling them to provide the very best in customer service
    To continually look at acquisitions and mergers that will help to grow our core business and add value to our customer relationships
    To always operate the business with the highest level of honesty, integrity and compassion

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Areas Served

Charleston Wilbert offers burial vaults and cremation urn products to 6 counties in the South Carolina low country: Allendale, Berkeley, Charleston, Colleton, Dorchester, and Hampton.

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Set Up

Charleston Wilbert offers two types of burial set ups, Wilbert Way (WW) and Graveside set up. The Wilbert Way set up consists of an above ground seal and a lowering device and graveside grass, also known as The Wilbert Way Lowering Device. The difference in the two set ups is in the placement of the vault and the vault cover during the funeral service. The Graveside setup includes graveside grass, casket lowering device, and a standard of 16 chairs

Grass & Chairs

For those who are interested, grass and chairs are available as an additional service to families who would like a graveside service or an extra amenity at the burial site. Six pieces of grass and eighteen folding chairs will typically cover a gravesite area and will be neatly arranged under the tents. Wilbert Burial Vault manages the delivery, setup, and removal of the grass and chairs.


A 15x15 tent is available to be set up by our staff at the gravesite for funeral services. The tents cover the burial area and provide a comfortable place for families to gather during the funeral.


Nameplates give burial vaults a personalized touch. They are a standard feature of our Continental burial vaults and above. Nameplate includes the name of the deceased and the birth and death dates.

Grave Digging & Disinterment

Wilbert Burial Vault provides grave digging & disinterment services. Wilbert is fully equipped with "track hoe" tractors which significantly reduce the amount of time needed to prepare a grave. The grave digging service includes the opening and closing of the grave. Wilbert also provides a hand-dug grave service at a premium. If it becomes necessary to move a vault from one location to another, Wilbert can assist with these services. We handle everything from locating the vault to relocating the vault to a new location.

Vault Transfer

Vault Transfer is a service available between Wilbert licensees and dealers. Wilbert Burial Vault uses the vault transfer service when a burial request has been made outside of the licensee territory. The location of the cemetery is needed to determine the appropriate Wilbert licensee or dealer. Since the services offered by each Wilbert licensee vary, the licensees work together on a per burial basis to determine the services, such as tents, grass, chairs, and grave digging, that each licensee will provide for the burial.


Charleston Wilbert has an on-site crematory and works with funeral homes to provide cremation needs for families.  Contact us for more infomation on cremation services and see or cremation urns catalog for cremation products.

First Responders

When a hero falls, Wilbert is there.

Our “Commemorating First Responders” program provides families of firefighters, law enforcement officers and emergency medical personnel who have died in the line of duty with a tribute worthy of their valor and sacrifice.

At no charge to the family, Wilbert and our licensees donate a customized Wilbert Stainless Steel Triune® burial vault. If the choice is cremation, we offer a selection of four urns, as well as a Stainless Steel Triune urn vault for memorial tribute. If permitted, a WilbertWay® graveside service may also be included.

Join us as we help families honor heroic lives, sacrificed in valiant service to neighbor and community.

Contact your local funeral professional for more information.

Ultimate Service Provider

Wilbert Funeral Service in Chicago (corporate HQ) has awarded Charleston Wilbert with "Ultimate Service Provider"

There are four service levels: Minimum Service, Basic Service, Premium Service, and Ultimate Service Provider. To be classified as an Ultimate Service Provider, one must receive at least 75 points out of 88 points; a higher score is attainable when bonus points are earned for exceptional achievements. Points are collected by category, including tents, chairs, greens, Wilbert Way, lowering device, vaults, employees, and trucks and delivery. Charleston Wilbert surpassed the 75 points needed to obtain Ultimate Service Provider.